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Business Card also called Visiting Cards are one of the most effective and inexpensive way of promoting your business. More over Business Cards are intended for providing handy contact information and overview of your business in a single card which can be held in wallet. So they play an important role in spreading the word of mouth for your business. Just imagine how you feel when you see an unprofessional and hazily designed Biz card with mere information? you will definitely have a negative impression of the business. Now think if you have in your hand a highly professional, impressive and unique biz card with very precise details? you will definitely have a visually pleasing impression of the business and more over you will for sure keep the card in your wallet, unlike the other card which you mostly use for digging your teeth.

This is what Digital web design shop do while designing Biz Cards. We constantly thrive to make extravagant and unique Biz card template highly suitable for your business. We not only just input the contact details but we also input the visual image of the business. Our Biz card design are very attractive, unique, trendy and pointing to the mission. Digital web design shop also provides a 3D rendered Biz card to get the exact idea of how the card will look when printed so that gives the client an image of what he actually wants.

Digital web design shop uses elegant color combination and other details. We also keep in mind the 5% color variation which is usually seen after printing. Our design looks the same even after printing as we make the clients foresee his desired card in a 3D model. Our designs are compatible for printing card on plastic, hard paper, photo paper, vinyls and flex printing. Digital web design shop keep the design format compatible for universal printing our design formats are acceptable at any print shop or online printing website. We keep in mind the dimensions or cards used univeraly and also the bleed area useful for cutting card without the loss of the details. We also use vector arts to make the design printable on various sizes and resolutions