CD Covers

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CD Covers also called CD sleeves are used to get the CD labeled with the respective design. Designing a CD cover is a tough task which involves designing various aspect such as CD case cover, Disk label, Case Spine, Back label for case. More over now a days the album artwork is commonly viewed on-screen in programs such as iTunes – and on iPod’s, etc so it’s important to consider what it will look like when scaled down on-screen. For example, does the printed work contain special ‘out-of-gamut’ spot colors, foil block or 3D elements? If so, consider developing a scree-safe alternate version for online and mobile use. So all over we need to make the design successful for the brand or music band its used for.

Digital web design shop uses the latest technology to design amazing CD covers with the help of vector arts and 3D rendering software’s we design highly goal specific CD Covers which make the CD visually appealing. We also use most of the text in vector-format so that is prints as clearly as possible — if this is desired. Also we try and use fonts that can be embedded into a PDF – additionally we convert all elements to outlines in the closing stages of the design work so we don’t have any worries about sending a copy of the chosen font to the printers, where mistakes can be made. We also make sure that there is a 3mm bleed on all of the artwork (except CD Print), so that it strike a sensible balance of legibility of text and design-prudence. We makes sure that the designs are print ready and of 300dpi and in vector colors ie CYMK to be perfectly printed.

We always do a research of the business before get the hands on, these helps us to get the basic concept of the business or the album or the artist. Hence we can input that in the design to make it outstanding and hilarious. We also make a 3D rendered preview of the case and cd so that gives the customer the ultimate look of how the product is gonna look like. This visual artifacts provides the exact model of the product and hence the client can get what exactly is on his/her mind. After all customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.