Logo Designs

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Logo Design is not a simple task as it seems to be so small than the rest of the graphical works. Logo designs is the standing pillar to the business, logo represents the brand and the business its creates the basic impression of the business. Logo is used all over the companies work, starting from the smallest favicon of the website to the large sky scraper billboard design logo proves to be the base element of a company or a business. Its printed on every paper, letter head, biz card, websites, blogs, etc. The design process unfolds as collaboration between client and designer.

Since ancient times logo designing has been a stepping milestone in business branding. There are various key point that are to be accounted before starting a logo design. This key points includes companies name, description, companies values, brand history, companies slogan, companies competitors and differentiators, the audience that company targets and its mission. Keeping all this points in mind we design elegant and professional logos. Logo design process starts with sketching. Initial details are provided by the client than we do a market research and a study of the business of the client. On the base of these studies we design a sketch of the logo and this serves as skeleton of the design. Than we build up a rapport with client and on daily basis we discuss the project and than we finalize the logo design.